Amplifon Torrevieja offers customized solutions to all hearing problems

We know that your needs to improve hearing ability are very particular. The general solutions are not worth it. That is why we propose a personalized formula.

Why choose Amplifon Torrevieja?

Choosing Amplifon is synonymous with choosing the best product for your hearing care. Our auditory center in Torrevieja is updated to offer the best hearing aids in Torrevieja. We will advise you throughout the process from the auditory test in our facilities to choose the best hearing aid to cover all your needs


Maximum comfort and discretion.


With TV and mobile.


Forget the batteries


Easy and comfortable

Different hearing aid devices allow us to design for you a suitable solution to your lifestyle, to the sensitivity of your ear, to your ergonomic, aesthetic, functional or maintenance requirements and, of course, to your resources. Let us advise you and discover possibilities that you had not thought about.

You cannot imagine all the options that technology gives us, so that the headphones adapt to your tastes, your needs and your day to day. Intrauricular hearing aids offer invisibility; the headphones allow all versatility; and those of open adaptation combine elegance and subtlety. Get as much discretion as possible from the balance between the sensitivity of your ear and your own physiognomy. In addition, they can be rechargeable or connected via Bluetooth. At GAES we want you to know all the options, so you can rediscover your hearing with all the comforts.

See all possible hearing aids

Hearing aids do not end with hearing aids. If we add to these adapted devices the possibilities offered by the multiple accessories, your hearing will improve in all situations, beyond the external inconveniences and even, you will be able to enjoy some of the small sound pleasures again. We talked about talking on the phone again, in the best conditions, listening again to a song or a movie through the right headphones, or finding an alarm clock that suits your lifestyle.


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